Polivios Kelepeshis


Polis started doing hairdressing at Vidal Sassoon academy of London.

Polis is a perfectionist who manages to redefine what a good haircut is, each time he cuts. Creating the perfect look for each client. The thing he is most proud of in his career is seeing the smile of the customer at the end of the service.

He started hairdressing because it’s a way for him to express his creativity and the wishes of the clients throught a haircut.


Polivios interview

Why did you start hairdressing?

“I want to make people feel happy and unique on how they look. When you love hairdressing you dont choose between any hairstyle or haircut. Each one carries a story behind it”.

Why do you work at MOJO?

“I like MOJO because its like being home. Its a family, its our way, everyone is individual and we can express our selves without any labels. MOJO is not just a place. We are MOJO”.

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